Why Choosing Timber Frame for Your Vacation Rental is a Smart Investment

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A growing demand for vacation home rentals.

Thinking of building a vacation home rental property? Whether you are looking to build a vacation home solely to rent or you are intending to utilize it yourself for a family getaway, you will want to choose a design that is both eye-catching and timeless. A timber frame build offers this with a whole host of upsides including a good return on investment.

The vacation rental business is currently in the midst of a renaissance. The rise of websites such as Airbnb, Homeaway, and Vrbo has resulted in a skyrocketing of interest in renting homes owned, maintained, and used by real families. Travelers are increasingly demanding features and facilities that a hotel just can’t provide, for example, privacy, access to a full kitchen, or just the authenticity of living like a local for a few days. Vacation-goers are quickly realizing that renting a home is often less expensive than booking a hotel room and can save money by cooking meals in rather than eating out. As people get more and more used to booking homes for their vacation accommodation, we only expect to see the popularity of this option to rise. However, to compete with the increased competition this will bring, your vacation home rental will need a way to stand out from the crowd. A timber frame will help you accomplish this and brings with it a plethora of advantages.

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‘Unique’ homes can charge a premium.

A successful vacation rental is reliant on the uniqueness of the home and the location. The building material is a massive part of making your home stand-out. Timber frame homes are architecturally unique and have lots of character. They also offer the ability to be clad in a variety of materials. This allows you to fit the design of your vacation home to the surrounding area, giving you an unrivaled amount of versatility. They offer something a little different to a traditional house, and travelers are more likely to pay a premium-rate to account for this.

Building a vacation home with a timber frame comes with many benefits. The quick build time means that you will start seeing profit sooner and spend less on manpower. They are incredibly durable and require little upkeep. Their modular design also leaves less room for error, making it far easier to deliver a first-rate property without having to worry about wasting money on excess materials, expensive skilled labor, and the cleanup process. Building with timber is more environmentally friendly, with steel requiring six times the energy to process than the equivalent amount of timber, and timber frames homes combined with SIP panels are more energy efficient than conventional built homes. Travelers are becoming more environmentally conscious and are willing to pay extra for this.

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Luxury travel staying close to home.

Whilst COVID has presented a disaster for international tourism, it has also meant that more people are choosing to stay local or domestic for their vacation. Without the added cost of international air travel, travelers are more willing to spend on their vacation home to make their trip feel special. There is a growing demand for luxury vacation homes. In 2018, Airbnb experienced a 60 per cent increase in bookings for listings worth at least $1000 per night. This led to the creation of Airbnb Luxe. Launched in 2019, it provides a separate platform for luxury listings (over $1000 per night) cultivated by trip designers who tailor their customer’s trip to their specific needs. Additionally, more people are working from home either permanently or will only be required to be back in an office part-time, meaning they have more flexibility to travel and work from anywhere. By choosing to build a timber frame vacation home, you can gain access to this fast-growing market and provide a unique selling point for your property.

Colorado Timberframe clients are seeing the value in choosing a timber frame for their next investment property. The McQueens built their vacation rental home in 2019 near a popular ski destination in Colorado and have seen great success in rental traffic ever since launching their home listing on sites like AirBnB, VRBO, and Booking.com. If you’d like to book a stay at a luxurious timber frame retreat for your next getaway, it is now available for rent at this link.

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