Webinar: How to Organize Your Custom Home Construction Budget

Timber frame veteran, Jack McClennen, has created a three-tier method to assist homebuyers in developing a realistic budget from concept through construction. In this webinar, Jack will cover the first and most important set called the “Delta” and dive into a deep discussion on how to organize your construction budget that will include:

1. How much should I budget for the timber frame?

  • Using the “Delta” as a high-level budget tool
  • Understanding what components influence budget
  • Simplicity vs. Complexity: design and finishes
  • Location: property, site conditions and access
  • Seasons: adverse weather conditions

2. Working with an architect and timber frame designer

  • Site visit
  • Timber frame experience
  • Planning is everything: pay now and enjoy the process, pay later and be frustrated, your choice…

3. The costs to be aware of

  • Timber quality, levels of joinery, finishes
  • Engineering seals, architectural seals
  • Site conditions, wetlands

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