4 Common Elements Found in Mountain Modern Timber Frame Homes

Timber framing is flexible in design and can be altered to conform to any style, not just traditional styles which is what many will likely think of when imagining a timber frame home. Modern timber frame homes diverge from this traditional design, taking a much more simplistic approach.  Mountain Modern is the architectural style that blends modern architectural forms like flat and shed roof lines & lots of glazing with natural materials found in the mountains like timber, wood & stone.  The details of how the materials are incorporated are also typically done with a more modern application.

Below are some of the most common elements of the modern timber frame homes you’ll find in the mountains.

Simple, Clean Lines

What you might expect to find in a traditional timber frame like hammer-beam trusses, curved braces, and decorative corbels is not necessarily what you will end up seeing in a modern timber frame home.

While still incredibly impressive craftsmanship, these homes will usually feature straightforward cuts and simple visual joinery. Just like traditional timber frames, you can expect to see tall soaring ceilings but flat or shed roof designs and very minimalistic detailing. The Garibaldi timber frame is a great example of a home with simple, clean lines.

Despite this minimalism, these modern timber frame homes are far from boring. If anything, their simple designs let you really focus on the natural and raw beauty of the building materials and the home’s surrounding area.

CO Timberframe mountain modern glazing

Lots of Glazing

A modern timber frame home wouldn’t be complete without pronounced floor to ceiling windows. They let in an abundance of natural light into the home, exposing the beauty from within. Sizeable windows naturally create the impression of a much bigger space, which works especially well for timber frame homes because of their open and airy layouts. Floor to ceiling windows will also provide unobstructed views of the beauty of your surrounding property.

Natural Finishes

Nothing is more beautiful than the natural wood used in modern timber frame homes. Each piece of timber is planed smooth to achieve a clean and attractive look, then typically finished with a clear coat to emphasize the organic wood tones and grain.

This goes without saying, but the smooth and natural finish means that there will be less color variance as opposed to a textured timber with a dark stain which can leave a more rusticated appearance.  This helps to create an amazing cohesive feel to the whole home and establishes a great color scheme for any future interior decorating.

Also, keeping the natural look of these timbers will make the house blend in seamlessly with the gorgeous surrounding area.

Steel Accents

Steel components such as plates, brackets, and tie rods can all be sometimes found within mountain modern style timber frames. The raw and relatively minimalistic appearance of steel creates a sleek contrast with the natural warmth of the wood. The Pearl Street timber frame incorporates subtle steel accents for an urban industrial style in the ski resort downtown of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Incorporating steel components really make these timber frame homes stand out from their traditional designs and conform with modern aesthetics – yes, modern architecture is simple in nature, but the use of contrasting and bold materials gives it that contemporary edge.

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