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So You Want To Build Your Own Timber Frame Home—Now What?

Many people interested in building a home ask when the best time is to contract Colorado Timberframe. The truth is, any time after you have determined you want to build a timberframe house—or even if you just have questions about building a timberframe house—is a good time to give us a call and start the dialogue about your new home.

We have helped people do everything from finding the right lot for their new timberframe construction, to connecting them with the right architect to design it, to finding the right builder to make it a reality. Because we do this every day all over the United States and Canada, we have also experienced the specifications and pitfalls that vary from state to state or province to province.

Within a two-hour radius of Boulder, we can also help future timberframe owners with every step along the way through our permanent partnership with Cornerstone Contracting, an award-winning Denver area and Rocky Mountain region builder. Because of this relationship, we have first-hand experience in the construction process, something we constantly use to improve our packages and the design and quality of our products.

If you are outside of this radius, we can provide anything from the basic timberframe “bones” to full enclosing packages that include SIPs as well as high R-value windows and doors. We can also arrange for a supervisor or team to come to your site assuring that your timberframe home is constructed efficiently following our time-proven methods.

Whether you are still looking for a lot, need a designer, need a builder, or already have a set of plans in hand for us to bid a timberframe to match, it is the right time to give us a call and see how we can help.

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Give us a call to see how we might team up to create that dream home or build that business you always dreamed possible.