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The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship?

As we continue to grow as a timberframe package provider, Colorado Timberframe is looking for partnerships with general contractors across the country with whom we can efficiently and harmoniously build timberframe homes. Having been in this industry for two decades, we know the ins and outs of what builders face for each project, and we are primed to help you provide the best building experience for your homeowners.

When we enter a jobsite with you, we are not simply an independent third party, we are vested in your interests and committed to improving your reputation. If you look good with your clients, so do we. Our philosophy is to partner with you, not only to sell our packages and services, but to build impeccable reputations through lasting relationships.

This is one of the reasons we offer such a wide variety of packages and services. Whether you need a frame or a complete enclosing shell, a design team or an architect, or if you need anything from a supervisor to a complete installation crew, we have the right technology and people to do the job right and keep your clients happy. We are flexible and want to work within the parameter of your unique system and set budget for each home you are building.

Although we are comfortable with jumping in at any point in the process, we have found the sooner we can start working with you, the more our experience can help. Success for any project is often determined by getting the details right, and we have been doing this long enough to know what those details are. So whether you are a seasoned timberframe contractor or new to the game, we want to put our expertise to work in partnership with you.

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Give us a call to see how we might team up to create that dream home or build that business you always dreamed possible.