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The Artistry Of A Home

We understand how critical the role of architect is for any home project, and it is even more so for timberframe homes. We know that it is not just a question of the aesthetics that timberframe mortise and tenon offer, but a process of truly integrating the structural strength of timberframe posts and beams with the beauty of the natural woods that draw homeowners to want timberframes in the first place. It is in the integration of the strength and various artistic joints and pegs and aesthetic elements that make each home a statement of the families they are built for.

We know that without a good design and without a good set of plans, you are not going to have a good project. A home can only be as well constructed as as the design it is based off of. Whether you are an experienced timberframe designer or not, our expertise combined with yours will create homes that are showpieces for everyone involved.

We are equipped to interface with any design software, whether it is CAD, Revit®, SketchUp, Mac-based, PC-based, 2-D, or 3-D. We can turn around quotes or produce packages to produce timberframe houses according to your specifications.


You can contact us at any time in the process, but we have found the best benefit we can provide to architects is as soon as the schematic design is done. This allows us to align the components in our timberframe package with your architectural package—creating an interactive design process that combines our knowledge in timberframe structure with your design expertise. Our goal is to develop a package for your client that is beautiful from the “bones” out.


Colorado Timberframe is normally in the process of planning the manufacturing of at least seven to ten luxury mountain homes ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet each. We plan to expand this pace in the coming years. Because of this, we are constantly looking for and meeting with the most highly recommended architectural firms throughout North America.

Once Colorado Timberframe chooses a new firm’s designs and pricing to promote to our clients, and our clients choose your firm, you will be awarded full architectural services for those projects. As part of this collaboration, we also hope to bid, produce, and build luxury timberframe homes for clients you find interested in timberframe homes.

It is our aim to build long-term business relationships with top-notch architects across the United States and into Canada. We hope to combine respective talents and strengths to create a dynamic and prosperous synergy with each of our partners that will last for years to come.

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