State-of-the-art Craftsmanship, Lasting Beauty

The Art of Timberframing

The art of timberframing has been around for thousands of years. It was the primary way homes were constructed from the early centuries AD in both Europe and the Orient. Early civilizations built this way because timberframe homes don’t just last a lifetime—they last generations. From large barns in the countryside to the family homes in the coastal villages of New England, solid beams and peg and socket joinery created the bones of buildings that would last centuries.

With the technology we have today, we go even further in creating precision crafted joinery that is solid, stable, and of lasting beauty. Timberframe is all wood-on-wood connections using mortise and tenon joinery that fits snuggly together and is held in place with wood pegs rather than nails, screws, or metalwork. These connections are not only strong, but also elegant. You get the very best of structural soundness along with astounding aesthetic beauty.