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Colorado Timberframe Services

Whether you are a homeowner who wants a timberframe house, an architect designing one, or a general contractor putting one together from start to finish, Colorado Timberframe is not just here to provide you with the best materials possible, but also to make you look good at what you do.


Building Your Own Timberframe Home

Many people interested in building a home ask when the best time is to contract Colorado Timberframe. The truth is, any time after you have determined you want to build a timberframe house—or even if you just have questions about building a timberframe house—is a good time to give us a call and start the dialogue about your new home…


The Artistry of a Home

We understand how critical the role of architect is for any home project, and it is even more so for timberframe homes. We know that it is not just a question of the aesthetics that timberframe mortise and tenon offer, but a process of truly integrating the structural strength of timberframe posts and beams with the beauty of the natural woods that draw homeowners to want timberframes in the first place…


The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

As we continue to grow as a timberframe package provider, Colorado Timberframe is looking for partnerships with general contractors across the country with whom we can efficiently and harmoniously build timberframe homes. Having been in this industry for two decades, we know the ins and outs of what builders face for each project, and we are primed to help you provide the best building experience for your homeowners…

Colorado Timberframe values the relationships we build and the partnerships we forge with likeminded contractors and architects who also have a passion for the beauty and integrity of timber frame construction.