Colorado Timberframe Products

Beauty And Stability From Naked Wood To Livable Spaces


Whether you are just looking for the beauty of wood trusses for your great room, a solid structure for your entire house, or a gazebo for the backyard, Colorado Timberframe can design and deliver exactly what you are looking for. Not only do we deliver you quality frames, but we offer a full range of options for various types of wood, preparations, and treatments, along with the advice you need to determine which will work best for you.


To provide the widest number of choices to facilitate the building process, Colorado Timberframe offers a number of packages and supporting services to help in construction. Do you only need the bare bones of your building? We can supply that. Do you also need exterior walls, or even doors and windows, too? We have packages for each of those as well.

Floor Plans

With pre-existing and custom floor plans, Colorado Timberframe offers designs to meet your needs, your vision, and your budget for your new home. Pre-existing floor plans can even be custom-modified to fit your lot or taken as-in. We’re glad to work with your architect or we can help you find an architect who specializes in timberframe structure and aesthetics.