Timber Frame Addition to Century Old Ranch

At the turn of the Century, Boulder was just a small agricultural town made up of settlers heading west with big dreams of conquering new opportunities. The Gallagher family moved their homestead to a ranch in Boulder during this time where their great grandchildren are still residing to this day. In 2014, the Boulder natives made the decision to give their historic home a face-lift. Before embarking on their full home renovation, it was crucial to assemble the right team who would be able to preserve the original structure that their family had lived in for generations.

To create a new warm and inviting living space, dark stained king post trusses with ornate drop heads were added to embellish the great room’s cathedral ceiling. The trusses carry on throughout the exterior of the home over the gabled roof overhangs and entry way crafting a cohesive look. Some of the columns and beams throughout the house needed to be framed in steel due to the engineering requirements with the pre-existing structure. In order to hide the steel, we wrapped solid 8×8 timbers around the beams by concaving the center of the timbers out. We used this method to cover the steel rather than boxing in the beams so that the aesthetic of the timbers wouldn’t be compromised.

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